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    We intend to meet the world through technology & content.  

    And aims to present a better future to our customers. 



    MECLOUDS’ logo symbolizes ceaselessly changing clouds that collect and transmit memories of people to a new world. 

    A company building good memories

    and content with people

    ‘MECLOUDS’ currently runs real-time global business trips and matching services utilizing video live relay and 360 degree VR. Along with building diverse new media platform and producing realistic media and video content, building on those, we strive to create services that can consolidate the planet as one and share experiences of people. At the forefront of the beginning of the infinite changes where we can meet a new world through multifaceted efforts, we aim to be a pioneer. Furthermore, we envision to become a content-based company to ensure that all the people can build good memories and share their experiences.



    The whole world as one

    Building on that, we aspire to build service that can unite the global people to share their experiences, transcending constraints of time and expense.  



    Everyone's story

    We connect the world as one through real-time video sharing 

    along with producing global content. 

    We are currently carrying out diverse tourism and contact-free businesses in Korea. Currently diverse tourism and MICE related projects are underway and we actively exchange with a number of companies. We are promoting various media projects targeting global areas and are seeking a specialized content business related to the whole world.  

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